Monday, 26 August 2013

Week 31 of the photo a day challenge

This week's theme was "leaves" with the main focus of the picture to be a single leaf.

We were away that weekend in the Lakes, so plenty of leaves!

Started the week with a leaf taken at the side of a lake on Sunday

On Monday I got this shot in the rain with my iPhone

On Tuesday I took a picture of one of the leaves of a house plant, it looks a bit like a tongue!

On Wednesday I got this photo of a leaf in some shallow water

Thursday's picture was snapped on my iPhone on my way home from work. A geranium leaf in one of the planters in Barnsley town centre.

On Friday, on the way home again, I noticed that there is a line of trees outside of Barnsley bus station. They were all at various stages of parchedness since they become less and less shaded from the buildings opposite. These were in the middle of the row

On Saturday I pushed the brief a little with this shot of an insect, there is a leaf in the background. I was taking a picture of some little violet flowers at the time when I noticed the insect

I had taken quite a few pics this week that didn't make it to the final 7, here's some of them:

One of our chilli plants:

And a play with the auto focus / exposure lock on my iPhone

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